Islamic Clothing: A Style Guide for Modern Muslim Men

Islamic clothing for men might sound inflexible but that doesn’t mean that you can’t look handsome in what you wear. You can easily blend in your culture and make a style statement at the same time without emptying your pockets. It is easier than ever to shop online for Islamic clothing and get the most comfortable clothes at affordable prices. There are varieties galore for men’s clothing and men don’t have to be afraid of looking plain and dull anymore.

8 style tips for modern Muslim men

Finding it hard to style it right? Here are some tips to help you get started:

  • Prefer quality above all else

When shopping for Islamic clothing for men you must look at the quality of the garment. You don’t want to spend lavishly on something that ends up in poor quality after being worn a few times only. Quality really matters and it can make a big difference. If you choose cheap quality clothes, it will ruin your entire appearance. However, if you choose good quality clothes that are meant to last, it will give a boost to your overall look. When selecting clothes, make sure you consider the material it is made of so you can understand whether the price you are paying is justified or not.

  • Use a pop of colors

If you are used to wearing the usual black and white colors then why don’t you try a pop of color? You can find a range of shades that suit your personality and style. Modern doesn’t always mean flashy because that might seem too much. Instead, you can choose subtle hues such as light purple, peach, and sky blue colored kameez or abayas to make a style statement. You won’t look like you are overdoing it plus it will make you appear classy and stylish. 

  • Don’t over-accessorize

Accessories can be your friend or foe depending on how you choose to wear them. But it is easy to go overboard if you want to look like the ultra-modern Muslim man. When choosing accessories, pay attention to the Muslim clothing men. If you are dressed in colorful attire that has light-colored tones, then a single bracelet can add to the charm. Remember, you can even wear headwear to look modern and sophisticated. For example, caps, beanies, and kufis are examples of headwear that you can choose to complete your outfit. They can add a touch of modernity to your otherwise simple outfit. 

  • Think of duration 

When you are styling yourself, consider how long you will be in that attire. For example, if you are going to a close friend’s marriage, then you can expect to stay there for a few hours. However, if you have a celebration at home, then you need to be dressed to impress for much longer hours. Your style shouldn’t make you uncomfortable but it should be practical. This is why putting together your look is important especially when you know you will be in the same outfit and accessories for hours on end. It is best to plan in advance so you have all your accessories in place.

  • Get dressed according to the occasion

There are numerous options for Islamic clothing for men. While all the modern takes on the traditional Islamic men outfits might sound amazing, they might not always be appropriate. For example, you won’t wear the same type of clothes if you are going shopping and when you are going to offer your prayers. Before deciding on the clothes and accessories, you should determine the occasion you are wearing them for. This way, you can dress modern without a problem. For example, going for abayas that are in soft tones when you are going to a formal gathering is appropriate.

  • Buy clothes that fit right

Clothes should not be too loose because they will not look that good on your frame. But they shouldn’t be too tight-fitting either because that is not appropriate. You want to buy men’s clothing that fits you well so you feel good in it. You should leave enough breathing space so you are able to easily wear it for a long time. The fitting of your entire outfit can make or break your modern look so you want to always choose clothes and accessories that fit well. The key is they should be comfortable and you should feel good when you wear them.

  • Layer it up

Layering is a good way to give a twist to mens Islamic clothing. While layering is often thought of during the winters, you can make it work for other seasons too. For example, when going to an event, you can wear a jacket as an added layer to your outfit. This will increase the style factor and make you look dashing. Of course, the two colors should go well with each other too. If you are attending a function in the evening then you can wear a cotton jacket on top of your abaya or kameez to give the outfit a lift. Layering can be a fun process.

  • Get inspired

Islamic clothing might seem straightforward but there are so many styling options that you will be amazed. If you are running out of ideas then search up how Muslim men are dressing and you will get inspired by what they are wearing. You will find how men are using colors to complement their outfits and how they are styling themselves with the help of accessories. It is difficult to always be original and to come up with something new to look modern. Taking inspiration from others you see on the street, at the store, or on websites isn’t a bad thing. Get inspiration and add a touch of your personality to it.

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