7 Reasons Why Arabicattire is #1 Online Muslim Clothing Store

Online shopping has extended the world with the ease of buying anything from the comfort of our homes. When it comes to buying Islamic clothing, there is no dearth of online shops. But with so many online stores in the market, selecting the right one can be a bit overwhelming. This is where Arabicattire comes in! 

This Muslim clothing store online is your one-stop destination to find all kinds of Islamic clothing. Whether it is for women, men or kids, the online store caters to the fashion and utility needs of all. There are many reasons why Arabicattire is considered the number one online Muslim clothing store; some of the prominent reasons include:

1. Caters to Everyone – Kids, Men and Women Of All Age 

One of the main reasons contributing to the popularity of this online store is the inclusivity it offers. From Islamic clothing for kids and men to hijab online Islamic clothing and other women’s attire, you can find everything under one roof. The website has a clear design with different pages dedicated to each clothing section. 

Therefore, even if you are visiting the store for the first time, you will have no trouble finding your way around it. Arabicattire has ensured that each piece of clothing is available in different sizes and patterns so that people from every age group can be included in the shopping. 

2. Extensive Collection With Designer Varieties 

Each shopping category boasts an extensive collection of attire with designer varieties. This is another reason contributing to Arabicattire’s popularity as the number one Muslim clothing store. The store only keeps attire that is a designer and made using high-quality materials.

The quality of each product will truly astound you. Whether it is hijab online Islamic clothing, kaftan for men's thobes or kurta, the quality of the material is top-notch. Along with clothing, there are dedicated sections of accessories, hijab, jewelry, home decor, prayer, beauty, etc. So when it comes to Islamic clothes and accessories, this brand is truly all-encompassing. 

3. Collection Gets Updated Regularly 

The fashion world continues to evolve every day, and there is a new trend popping up in all categories. And often, online stores forget to stay updated with the trends and continue to extend the old collection to the customer. This is a thing that you will never find on Arabicattire. 

There is a dedicated team that continues to research the market and update its collection across different verticals. Every time you open the site, you will likely come across something new in some of the sections. Along with new updates, the site continues to offer sales and discount offers constantly. 

4. Prioritize Quality At The Top

One of the reasons why Arabicattire is reckoned as the number one Muslim clothing store online is because of the quality it offers. The brand in each aspect offers top-notch quality to the customers. The products are manufactured using high-quality materials.

From the source of manufacturing to delivery, the company performs a quality check every step of the way. Along with the product quality, you will also be impressed with the reliability of customer support. There is a support team, which is committed to cater to every need of the customer in a timely and efficient manner. 

5. Ships Worldwide

When it comes to versatility, there is no beating Arabicattire. All the products included on the website are shipped worldwide. So people across the globe can access quality Islamic clothing for their entire family. If you are worried about heavy shipping charges, then don’t be.

In case your shopping order exceeds $140, then you will not have to pay for shipping charges. The brand facilitates easy payment options that include PayPal and credit cards by MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Maestro. The processing time of the orders is around seven days.

Moreover, the transit time is between 3 and 5 business days based on the geographical location. All the orders are transited through reckoned courier partners. 

6. Reasonable Pricing 

At Arabicattire, the team envisions bringing quality clothing at an affordable range. You will get a wide range of hijabs, Abaya, maxi dress, salwar suits, kaftans, men’s kurta, thobes, etc., at different price ranges. So whether you are looking for casual Islamic clothing or ones to adorn on a special occasion, you can buy the same without burning a hole in your pocket.

7.Friendly Refund Policy 

One of the reasons why Arabicattire is considered the best Muslim clothing store online is due to the exceptional customer experience it offers. The brand is all about providing customers with high-quality and designed Islamic clothing for various occasions. But sometimes, the fit that you see in the pictures might not be right for you. 

Additionally, you may not be satisfied with the color, pattern or size of the clothes. Don’t worry, as the brand allows you to get your product return or replaced without any hassle. You can easily return the product within 14 days since you received the product. In order to initiate a refund, your product must be unused and in the same condition as you received in the package. 

The Bottom Line

Arabicattire is a project developed by a team that’s extremely passionate about what it does. The primary aim of the brand is not to create something new; instead, it is mainly focused on making better versions of clothing that is already out there. This allows the team to focus on intricate details and make the product better for the customers. 

Arabicattire acts as a seamless platform to provide modest Islamic clothing such as kaftan, Abaya, salwar kameez, hijab, kurta, etc., all around the world. The site has more than 1000 ready-to-wear dresses and caters to all gender and age groups. So, if you are looking for a reliable brand to buy quality Islamic products, then Arabicattire is one of the top names to consider, irrespective of your location.