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Turkish Ramadan Chic: Long Dubai thobe for Boys
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SPECIFICATIONS Processing Time : 20-25 Business Days Material: Durable and comfortable polyester construction. Item Type: Jubba Thobe crafted specifically for children. Fabric Type: Broadcloth fabric for a classic and comfortable feel. Department Name: Tailored to meet the needs of children. Color...

Thobe for Boys Kaftan Kids
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Boy Kids Jubba Thobes designed with high quality breathable Cotton Fabric.  Dress is available in four major colors Off White, Coffee, Army Green and Camel. Each piece designs unique with embroidery on it. Choose your required thobes by comparing garment size...

Muslim Boys Robe Clothing
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Islamic Kids Robes made with high quality polyster + Cotton waavings. Fabric is very comfortable to wear and breathable. Available in four different colors: White, Ivory, Navy Blue and Camel. Please note that, the following size guide refer to the...

Embroidered Kids Thobes for Kids
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SKU: 11452324-camel-s

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Classic Embroidered Thobes for Kids.  Choose from available four color options including Camel, Wine, Dark Grey and Silvery Grey. Please refer to below size guide:  


Kids Thobes

Kids's Thobe are available for purchase on Arabic Attire.

Kids have been dressing traditionally Islamically as their own comfortable, modest, and stylish attire for centuries. The most popular traditional Islamic attire for males is the thobe. Whatever name you give it—Kandura, Kameez, dishdasha—it is always a long robe with long sleeves. One of the well-known websites that sells authentic Islamic apparel and accessories is called Arabic Attire. It offers a wide variety of Kids' Thobes.

What Sort Of Thobe Should You Purchase? [Authentic Thobes]

A true thobe needs to be constructed from high-quality material and should be the right length, thickness, and style. We advise you to pick the ideal thobe that will make you feel comfortable, fashionable, and self-assured.

Superior Material: Thobes can be produced from a variety of fabrics, but some of the most popular ones include Cotton, Poplin, Rayon, Chambray, and Denim. These premium materials, which have undergone extensive durability, comfort, and other essential factor testing in laboratories, are used to make the t-shirts sold on Arabic Attire. Any fabric you choose to purchase from Arabic Attire will be of the highest caliber, convenient to handle, and even care for in terms of washing or ironing.

We also make sure that the thobe's fabric is opaque because wearing transparent clothing is prohibited in Islam. One of the most cherished traditional garKidsts, it must uphold modesty and never be exposed.

Stylish: Modesty is vital when wearing thobes, however Arabic Attire thobes nevertheless make you look fashionable. We offer a wide selection of contemporary thobes for formal occasions, daily wear, business, Hajj, and prayer, among other occasions. Depending on your preferences, we have them embroidered or adorned with sequins, stones, and other materials. They are often made with front open buttons that are embroidered and sewed to the collar.

Length: All of the thobes on Arabic Attire are ankle length since anything less is not a real thobe that we advise you to purchase.

pocket(s): Most of our thobes have side pockets, chest pockets, and occasionally an additional inside pocket that is sewed in. Arabic Attire recognises your convenience and is aware that you require pocket(s) to carry your wallet, electronic devices, and other items.

Offers on Thobes from Arabic Attire

Customers of Arabic Attire can take advantage of a special offer pricing to make sure their money is well spent. To provide our consumers with the newest and original items, we continually refresh our selection. If this is your first time visiting our online store, be sure to register so that you can receive offers directly in your inbox. Regardless of body size, you may purchase thobes here for yourself or as gifts for others since you will always find the correct fit. Please make sure to refer to the size guide when making your purchase to ensure the proper fit. Put the outfit in your shopping cart, give your address, select if you want express or standard shipKidst, and then pay. Your invoice and shipKidst tracking information will arrive in your inbox right away after the payKidst has been completed. Why wait when we may deliver right to your door within the allotted time and at no additional cost? Order contemporary and understated thobes with just a few clicks at Arabic Attire

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