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Buying an Arabic outfit is one half of your shopping journey and getting complementing jewelry is another. When you like to keep it simple and subtle, we prefer to go accordingly with a bewitching touch.  

Islamic Jewelry for Women

The Arabic dresses for women for wedding and parties go fancy and bulky. The long, embroidered dresses, when worn with Hijabs, leave no space for loud jewelry. We care not to make you look gaudy, but adorable and elegant. We share some of the selective set of rings, bracelets, and pendants that will make your look glorious. 

Finger Ring:

Crescent moon ring:

Finger Ring

The Crescent moon is the symbolic representation of Islam everywhere across the globe. The sober design of the crescent moon and a star look fab in diamonds and goes well with every style of traditional and modish Arabic dresses. Since it is adjustable, you need not bother about the size of the ring. If you prefer fancy and detailed designs in stonework, you can check our other designs.

Stone Ring:

Stone Ring

The antique black stone ring is designed in a retro style to complement your latest design of Arabic outfits. It will go perfectly with your blend of Arabic and western-style dress. 

  • Bracelets

Beautifully designed women bracelets have stonework and tied simply with loose strings that can be adjusted as per your wrist's size. 

  • Pendants

We have delicate to bulky designs of chain and pendant sets beautified with fine stones.


Fashion Accessories for Men

In Islam, though men have certain restrictions on wearing fashion accessories or anything that gives them look womanly, they are allowed to get rings and religious pendants. We are sharing the selective collection of rings, pendants, and bracelets exclusively for men for your reference. 

  • Bracelets



Bohemian leather bracelets with the beads are handmade bracelets with Allah's name as the centerpiece. It looks marvelous on your hands and remains fancy with any dress. 

  • Pendants


From stainless steel pendants to gold color chains along with pendants, we have it all. These sets are ideal for gifting your loved ones on Ramadan, new year, and other festivals. 

  • Rings

The antique rings for Islamic men have a carved name of Allah on the oxidized silver metal and embellished with stones. You got to see the collection of signet rings and resin stone rings.


While shopping for the best fashion products of your choice, you will find several Arabic stores online. Still, only a few of them have almost everything you are looking for. At ArabicAttire, you will find a fancy collection of apparel, fashion accessories, gift items, prayer necessities, home decor, as well as gift items. When you have everything available in one place, you need not invest a lot of time.