Islamic Clothing for Men: Look Stylish (And Confident)

Middle-Eastern fashion is a wonderful mix of tradition, culture, and modern elements for men and women. While western influence can be seen in the Arab men’s attire, you can still spot some traditional flavors mixed in as well.

There are various factors that influence who wears what. When buying Arabic clothing, men consider a whole spectrum of things to pick the attire that adequately maps to their needs, requirements, preferences, and budget. Here are some of the determining factors that sway choices when people buy Islamic clothing for men:

  • Where do they live?
  • The location makes a huge difference. Men who live in cities are more attentive to the latest styles and trends. They will splurge on clothes that look good and have a good fit. Their style is a mix of western and Arab elements. However, those who live in non-urban areas focus more on comfort than style. They prioritize pieces that are comfortable and casual. Similarly, local trends, too, play an integral part in their decision-making. 

  • How old are they?
  • Age is another important factor that influences the dress code of men. The younger generations usually invest in pieces that are more in sync with modern trends and detailings. They gravitate towards traditional Arab attire for special occasions like festival celebrations and weddings. The middle-age and older men find more comfort and pride, for casual and formal looks, in traditional patterns and styles.

  • What’s their budget?
  • Not surprisingly, just like it impacts every other clothing segment, budget plays a key role even in the world of Arabic clothing. High-income individuals go for costlier Islamic clothing for men that packs superior quality and delivers higher value. On the other hand, those who have financial limitations opt for more affordable alternatives. This is the reason why men’s Islamic clothing online store stocks a wide assortment of wears under diverse price labels, so as to target a wider segment. 

    Islamic Clothing for Men: Tips to Find the Right Wear

    If you are looking for classy Islamic clothing for men, go through the tips mentioned below. It will help you find the wear that best suits your needs and compliments your appearance:

    1.The Perfect Length: In western attire, longer or shorter length may qualify as a fashion statement, but that’s not how it works with Islamic clothing for men. The right length - whether you’re buying a top or bottom - is almost a must so as to achieve a dapper appearance that turns heads. So, make sure you’re well aware of length requirements when shopping for Arabic clothes.

    2. A Flattering Fit: For a flattering fit, you need to choose an outfit that flows, instead of one that clings to you. Unless you have a distinct style that you’re recognized and admired for, go for a regular fit when shopping for elegant Islamic clothing for men online. Avoid slim fit; for most men, it’s a no-go.

    3. Good Quality Material: The better the material, the more comfort value it would deliver. So, if you prioritize comfort atop, which you should, you must look for better quality materials. Choose breathable materials that have good wicking properties. Make sure the wear allows for adequate and comfortable movement without chafing.

    4. Daily wear or formal wear?: The Islamic clothing for men you choose can also depend on the occasion. If you want to go for daily wear then go for light material that can be layered, without feeling too heavy. But if you want to get an Arabic attire for men that is for formal occasions, then get one in an elegant design that is a beautiful fusion of contemporary and traditional style.

    Islamic Clothing for Men at Arabicattire

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