Popular Varieties of Hijab to Shop for in 2021

Earlier, there were limited options for women hijab available which meant you didn’t have lots of options. Today, you can pick from a broad range of women hijabs. From classic cotton hijabs to glitter hijabs, the world of hijab has become wider as you have a plethora of hijab options to choose from.

The following are some of the popular stylish hijab buy online or in-store.

Modal hijab

The modal hijab is perfect for every season that makes it a versatile choice for women to wear. Modal hijabs are generally made with cotton fabric which means you can count on wearing this hijab for all occasions. 

You can find modal hijab in a range of colors such as blue, violet, maroon, grey, pink, orange, white, black, and green to name a few. 

Modal hijabs are comfortable so they are ideal for everyday wear and you don’t have to worry about wearing them for all-day. The airy texture gives you a luxurious feel; the softness feels great with zero irritation.

Cross-layered hijab

A cross-layered hijab looks elegant and stylish. You can find a cross-layered women hijab in chiffon and jersey material. 

You can find instant cross-layered hijabs for women whereby you don’t need to layer anything. It comes pre-layered so all you have to do is wear it as you wish. Cross-layered hijab is available in various colors such as pink, black, maroon, sky blue, purple, and grey among others. 

A cross-layered hijab can be worn on formal occasions, as well as informal occasions. It makes a subtle style statement like no other.

Glitter hijab

A glitter hijab with gold threads adorning the cloth is the most beautiful pattern for any Muslim woman to wear. It gives you a regal look. You can wear it to a party, festival, or when you are celebrating with your family and friends. 

The soft material and the shiny appearance of this hijab will make you look gorgeous. You can find glitter hijabs in more than 15 colors including yellow, dark green, navy blue, white, brown, sky blue, and so on. 

Glitter hijab is most suited for outings with friends and family. You can pair it with any plain outfit or match it with the same-colored outfit.

Ripple hijab

If you are looking for a women hijab that adds the element of style then a ripple hijab is a fantastic option. 

A ripple hijab is usually made with cotton. As cotton is a breathable fabric, it is a practical and suitable choice for any weather. It feels soft on the skin and the hypo-allergic nature of the fabric ensures your skin is safe even when you wear the hijab for the entire day. 

You can find the ripple hijab in various delightful colors such as orange, pink, red, turquoise, peach, blue, white, black, and more. You can pair this hijab with a stylish and glittery outfit or you can wear it with a plain outfit.

Necklace pattern hijab

Do you love jewelry? Then the necklace pattern hijab is one of the most fabulous types of hijabs you can try. 

This luxurious-looking hijab for women is stunning and it will up your style quotient. Necklace patterned hijabs for women are usually available in jersey material. You don’t need to go and buy a new accessory for this hijab. You can wear the hijab as usual and the necklace will be in your neck area. Else, you can arrange the hijab so that the necklace adorns atop your head. It looks pretty either way and it is a cool way to accessorize without looking over-the-top. This high-quality hijab is comfortable too.

Square hijab

Square hijabs are simple to wear and effortless. You can drape them around your head in no time and they will not only look good but feel good too. 

Square hijabs have always been in fashion and they are guaranteed to be so in the future as well. They are fuss-free and available in a variety of materials. Square hijabs are available in silk material so they look good naturally. 

Square hijabs are wonderful to wear for formal and informal occasions.

Jersey hijab

The jersey hijab is one of the most comfortable hijab varieties out there. The muted sheen in the material gives off a polished look regardless of what you wear it with. 

Jersey is soft and stretches beautifully. Jersey is durable so buying one will last you quite some time. 

You can wear jersey hijabs for any occasion and it works amazingly well in all climates. Whether you are dealing with hot weather or snow, a jersey hijab is a way to go. You can get an effortless chic look with the jersey hijab. You can find it in a variety of colors including rose pink, olive, light brown, teal, light grey, and beige.

5 tips to find the right hijab

Having trouble finding the right hijab?

  • Be careful about the material

When selecting a women's hijab, make sure you buy the right material hijab depending on where you live and where you are planning to wear it. Hijabs are available in numerous fabrics so choose one that is suitable.

  • Pay the right price

There are numerous price points for different hijabs. The price will depend on patterns, fabric, and quality. Always prioritize fabric feel and quality. Don’t forget to compare and shop around so you find the hijab of your choice at the best price.

  • Know the occasion you need it for

When shopping for women hijab you need to know the occasion. Are you attending your best friend’s wedding? Or will you wear it for a formal meeting? Choose your hijab according to the occasion. Glittery and fun patterned hijabs are best for informal occasions while plain ones are good for formal wear.

  • Make sure it looks good on you

Your hijab needs to be comfortable and it should look good on you. You should buy a hijab that complements your face structure. You can find hijabs that already come in a certain style or you can style it if you are an experienced hijab wearer. 

  • Consider if you need to buy hijab accessories

Do you have hijab accessories or do you need to buy them? When selecting women hijab you should know about the care and attention that needs to go into wearing it. Some hijabs require you to use pins while others don’t have that requirement. Choose a hijab according to your comfort level.

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