Arabic Dress For Ladies & Girls That Can Set One's Sights On

"Style is something each of us already has, all we need to do is find it."

Truly said by Diane von Furstenberg.  

Fashionistas in our beloved fashion industry help us understand different styles that are trending. You can try experimenting with all those styles and choose the one that suits you the best. The definition of fashion varies from people to people, culture to culture, and religion to religion.

Like the weather, fashion is never constant. With the change in thought process, beliefs, and, most importantly, time, fashion takes its life forms. It never dies; it is overpowered by the novel trend.

Considering the restrictions in dressing style due to religious practices, it's quite challenging to blend the fashion to Arabic dresses. The arrival of fustans took the fashion by storm in the Islamic community.

Suppose you are searching for the Arabic dress for girl. In that case, you will be astonished to see our captivating collection Kaftans, dresses, Abayas, and the traditional salwar kameez. Fustans are an addition to this collection exclusively for young girls and women.

Fustan is a floor touch garment that lengthens from neck to ankles. Like evening gowns for Americans, Fustans happen to be party wear attire in Arabic countries. 

Do you know how "Fustans" originated?

To your surprise, let us tell you that Fustans were initially the attire of man in South East Europe. 

Yes, you read it right. 

"Fustanella" is the primary word behind the term "Fustans" which implies a pleated skirt-like garment. Unlike ancient times, Fustanella's design is modified to an adorable Fustan, which happens to be one of the modest dresses for Islamic ladies. It's your choice if you prefer to wear it with the matching hijab or like to keep its modish look intact. 

Though Fustan is an Arabic dress, so many people out, there are wearing Fustans, even those who don't belong to the Islamic community. You will find several celebrities wearing the Fustan dress in the gathering and the red carpet events. 

Top 7 Best Fustan Designs

  • Sea Green Kaftan Style Fustan

Sea Green Kaftan Style Fustan

  • Chiffon Silver - Golden Heavily Embroidered Fustan

Chiffon Silver - Golden Heavily Embroidered Fustan

  • Gold Embroidered Fustan

Gold Embroidered Fustan

  • Classic Pink Pastle Sweet Heart Neck Fustan

Classic Pink Pastle Sweet Heart Neck Fustan

  • Fustan with Waist Belt Style

Fustan with Waist Belt Style

  • Front Open Stylish Fustan

Front Open Stylish Fustan

  • Gallant Navy Blue Faux Georgette Fustan

Gallant Navy Blue Faux Georgette Fustan

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Get Your Fustan Customized

You invest your savings to buy the best dress for the events that are close to your heart. We value your investment for all the memories you are going to create with your favorite Fustan. That's why we love to mention that you can reach us to customize your dress. From extra small (XS) to 7times extra-large (7XL), we have all the sizes available, but if you have special design requirements, feel free to share with us. The delivery timeline for such orders may vary depending upon the extent of customization requested. 

We ship in all the countries, so start exploring to place your orders now. 

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