Everyday Style Tips for Women Who Love Kaftan

Kaftans have been worn by women since the 16th century but they still haven’t lost their charm. A kaftan is a popular dress that is still loved by women across the globe because of how elegant, regal, and beautiful it looks. You can make the kaftan look even better when you know how to style it correctly. Today, this versatile garment is popular and women are loving it more than ever.

Kaftan tips for women

Not sure how to get started on wearing a kaftan? Following are some tips that can help you be the ultimate fashionista by styling the kaftan perfectly every time.

Consider the length

Kaftans come in a variety of lengths today. You can find long kaftans as well as short ones. The length of the kaftan doesn’t matter and you can wear them on any occasion. For example, if you want to stand out in the crowd when you are attending a party then choose to wear an embroidered kaftan instead of the traditional gown. This is a dress sure to impress others and it will up your glam quotient. You can’t go wrong with the length of the kaftan. If you are wearing the short version then it is best to pair it with slim-fit jeans or trousers.

Wear jewelry

A kaftan can be styled with jewelry. If you have a heavy-work kaftan then minimal jewelry is the key. For example, you can wear small hoop earrings and thin bangles to complete the look. However, if you are wearing a plain-colored kaftan then there is so much you can do in terms of adding style with jewelry. You can wear heavy earrings with the kaftan. Or if you want to flaunt the new necklace then you can wear a chunky piece with small stud earrings. You can also wear bangles, a bracelet, or a watch for the complete look if your kaftan has full-sleeves.

Layer it with a jacket

You can make a kaftan look gorgeous with a jacket. If you are wearing an embroidered kaftan then you can go for a plain-colored jacket. If you are wearing a plain and single-colored kaftan then you can wear an embroidered jacket to make it look stunning. Jackets are available in a variety of lengths. Generally, a waist-length kaftan goes beautifully with a long or short kaftan. However, if you are wearing a long kaftan, you can also choose an open jacket that is knee-length. This look goes well when you are wearing a skirt underneath the kaftan.

Fabric matters

When shopping for kaftan for women you can pick from a range of fabrics. A kaftan is meant to flow and move with the wind. However, you want to pick the right fabric depending on where you are going. If you are going out for a casual brunch with your friends then you can wear a kaftan that is made with either silk or cotton. As these are natural fabrics, they help keep your body temperature normal and ensure you don’t feel too hot. This is perfect for the summer and spring seasons. If you are planning to go for an evening event then you can get georgette, rayon, or satin fabric kaftan. This is best for cooler times of the year.

Pair it up with bottoms

You have plenty of options of bottom-wear that you can pair with your kaftan. For a trendy and fun look you can go for a long skirt. It can be a flowy skirt that matches the kaftan. If you want to take it up a notch then you can wear a pencil skirt. A kaftan can look brilliant with palazzos. As both forms of clothing are loose-fitting, they go well together and can feel really comfortable. It will make you look regal and classy. Jeans are another option if you want to look chic while wearing a kaftan. You can even wear a kaftan with leggings if you are planning to wear the kaftan for a formal occasion.

Pay attention to your hairdo

Kaftans have a personality of their own but you can glam up even more when you pay close attention to your hairstyle. While this will depend on the occasion and its nature, you can still style it up with your hair. You can let your natural hair flow by leaving it open or you can try the waterfall hairstyle that will add a level of sophistication. This boho-chic hairdo will work wonders with a kaftan for a formal or informal setting. If you are wearing a single-colored kaftan then you can add hair accessories to your hair that can elevate the look.

Clutch it right

If you must carry a bag or purse then ensure that you choose the right one. If you are going for the traditional kaftan that has oversized sleeves and ankle-length, then pairing it with a small purse is a good idea. If you are going to a formal occasion then you can carry a clutch instead. If the kaftan has prints, is plain, but has no sequins then you can carry silver or gold-colored clutch to make it pop. These will go well with each other. However, if you need to carry a bigger handbag then make sure the color of the bag is subtle when compared to the kaftan’s color.

Complete the look with footwear

Kaftans go well with different footwear. Footwear can make you look taller or shorter when you wear a kaftan. But the print of the kaftan matters too. You can go for heels when you are wearing a printed kaftan where the prints are large or small. It is best if the heels are of one color only as this will contrast with the kaftan and look great. This holds true even when you are wearing a colorful kaftan that has sequins and other work done on it. If you have bold prints then you can opt for black heels or wedges. Want to look casual and chic? Then wear casual slip-on shoes.

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