Buy Kaftan for Women: Different Types (And Styling Tips)

Muslim women have a unique style that is a mix of contemporary and conservative elements when it comes to donning kaftan for women. Their style is calculated and fashion-savvy, which makes their outfits elegant, comfortable, and glamorous. Dressing up in the Middle-East means that you have to retain your style while finding a way to incorporate cultural elements in your attire.

Buying Arabic Attire: What Influences Decision?

Age: This factor can make a huge difference in Arabic clothing. While the younger generation is more influenced by western trends, the older people stick to the conservative flavors, prioritizing comfort over everything else.

Location: People residing in cities are more attentive to the latest trends and want to wear stylish clothes, while people who reside in rural places want to wear clothes that are more comfortable and preserve their cultural elements.

Budget: Arabic clothing like Kaftans come in countless varieties. The pricing scheme of each varies. While some are affordable, others can be quite expensive. Plus, the latter packs superior quality, delivering much higher value, both in terms of style and comfort. This is another factor that influences women when buying Arabic clothes.

If you are thinking of shopping for kaftan dresses online, then you have to look for designs that are comfortable and creative. The Arabic attire style is timeless and elegant. There are many styles and patterns of kaftans you can choose from. 

Kaftan for women: 5 Tips to Style it Like a Pro

Whether you want to purchase kaftan dresses online for daily use or for a special occasion, here are some style tips you can follow when looking for the perfect kaftan:

1. Length is important
The kaftan dresses for women can be glamorous and chic, but only when it's of a proper length. So, when you are looking for the right kaftan, ensure that you look at the length, and aim for a length that is a few centimeters above the ankle or hits the ankle exactly. This way it will suit your attire, whether you wear heels or flats.

2. Arm’s length​
The sleeve length is quite important, just like the hem of your kaftan. If the sleeves don’t sit right, are too slouchy, or too tight, they will feel uncomfortable and look bad. So, you need to look for kaftans with sleeves that will end right at your wrist unless you are looking for 3/4th sleeves.

3. Fabric and all its layers
Being swallowed by layers of fabric can be quite overwhelming, especially for women who have a petite frame. You need to ensure that the length and fit are proper and that the loose fit of the kaftan doesn’t overpower you. You can even cinch the waist with a slim belt if you want to emphasize your form.

4. Keep it classy​
Arabic attire is all about embroidery and embellishments; they add opulence and grandeur to one’s appearance. But the designs should be creative and have a sense of precision. This is where the real dazzle lies. So, when shopping for a formal kaftan, keep an eye on the embellishments because the win is in the little details. You need to look at the crystal placements, and if there is any frayed embroidery or unraveled sequins. These little errors can ruin the allure of a beautiful kaftan.

5. Kaftans for the summer​
Kaftans are seasonal. They are more geared as summer wear because of the light material that is used. The kaftans are made from silk, cotton, and linen. So, you can go for beautiful pastel shades and light embellishments.

List of kaftan for women at Arabicattire

Here are some popular kaftan styles that are available at Arabicattire:

1. Moroccan Kaftans: There are different types of clothing styles. Among all the options, Moroccan style clothing is different. Moroccan Style caftans (also known as Mode at Caftan) are mostly made by hand by a human.

Muslim women always look incredible in their humble traditional attires that are designed according to the requirements of Sharia. Modern Islamic clothing is made from durable but comfortable fabric and can be decorated with various patterns. 

2. Dubai Kaftans: Dubai Kaftan is very well known in the Gulf clothing market. It’s beautifully crafted with stone, pearl, beads, and a sequence on the dress by hand. A-Line Dress and Two Side Open Kaftan are most famous in Dubai.


3. Wedding Takchita: The bridal wear of many Muslim women. Most brides prefer to wear Red, Green, or Beige colored wedding outfits. The price of wedding kaftan is higher due to its fine quality of the fabric and the establishments.

4. Farasha: Two Side Open Floor-length Dress with Inner waist tie is called a Farasha. One of the most adorable and party wear kaftans worn by Muslim women. It is very an easy-to-wear, fashionable yet modest clothing suit.


5. Front Open Kaftan: It is usually worn directly on the inner with the waist tie.

Buy High-Quality Kaftan

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