Wearing Abaya: 7 Tips to Make a Strong Fashion Statement

Over the years, Abayas have evolved from traditional attire to fashionable statement. These are offered in a wide range of styles, including open, closed, draped, kimono style, butterfly, and two-piece. With all these versatile designs, Abaya for women has become the epitome of the modern fashion. Women across the world are jumping into the bandwagon of Abaya culture. There are many ways you can adorn this beautiful attire, and here are some useful tips to get it right. 

1. Prioritize Comfort 

If you are wearing Abaya for the first time, then it is going to be a new experience for you. Therefore, it is important that you prioritize your comfort when selecting the attire. You will get tons of options for Abaya for sale; just make sure that you get a material and design that you will be comfortable wearing. 

Ensure that it is not sweeping the ground or lands too short; both these lengths never look glamorous. Whether you buy Abaya online or offline, make sure you measure the length or try it on. Go for a length that is just a few centimetres below your ankle. 

2.Focus On Arm’s Length 

Along with getting the proper fit on the hem, you should also ensure that your abaya dress is perfectly fit around arm’s length. If the length is too short or too long, it will completely ruin the overall look. 

Moreover, if the sleeves are too long, you will have trouble doing your daily tasks. Unless you are opting for ¾ sleeve length, ensure that the dress’s sleeve ends right at the wrists. It will give a cleaner appearance, making your arms look flattering. 

3.Wear For The Occasion 

The collection at Arabicattire shines bright in every season, and you have tons of options to choose from based on the occasion. Casual overlays work excellent when you pay with casual wear. 

You can opt for plain colors that add a contrasting element to your daily wear. On the other hand, for those special occasions, bring out Abaya for women that includes embellishment and embroidery.  

4. Confused? Black Abaya Is The Safest Option 

If you are confused about which Abaya for women is right for you, go for black. This is a color that will never disappoint you. You will get a plethora of designs in this color, and you can never go out of style with it. Whether you choose a black Abaya for casual wear or a special occasion, there will be no dearth of options. 

5. Don’t Overlook The Details 

Embroideries and embellishments are exquisite and add richness and opulence to the overall dress. But when it comes to buying an abaya for girls, it is all about the details. The more precise Abaya’s work, the more beautiful it will look. 

Choosing a design that features intricate hand craftwork can make a significant difference. Moreover, go for finer details as they can add that extra glam to your otherwise modest attire. Frayed embroidery, oddly paced crystals, and unorganized sequins will take all the allure out. 

6. Select The Right Fit

Getting the right fit is another crucial tip that can make or break your entire look. Do not opt for body-skimming Abaya, as it will end up looking odd on any figure. Moreover, if it is too tight, you will struggle to slip into it in the first place. Don’t opt for Abaya that is too loose as well. Avoid overwhelming yourself with heavy fabric abaya, especially if you have a petite figure. 

It will make you look bulky and baggy, which is not the right look. Ensure that the material fits perfectly over your shoulders. Loose-fitted Abaya can overpower your figure and make you feel uncomfortable. You can choose belted abayas that are quite form-flattering and can accentuate your slim waist. 

7. Pick A Trendy Style

Depending on the season and occasion, you will have no dearth of stylish options. There is an open Abaya that falls elegantly on your silhouette and brings, giving a glimpse of the attire inside it. 

Moreover, there are Abayas with zippers or buttons that are perfect for winters. Moreover, you will also find them with a hood to protect them from rain. You will find this attire in different materials, including cotton, chiffon, silk, velvet, etc., that caters to every occasion. 

Care For Your Abaya 

Abayas are generally designed using a delicate fabric, and some even have sequin work on them. Therefore, ensure that you check the care label to determine the right way to clean the attire. Abayas that come with metal embellishment, sequins, or beading should be dry-cleaned or washed by hands. 

Moreover, if you are choosing hand-washing, it is important to be extremely cautious about how you do it. Below are some tips that you must follow during hand-washing Abaya:  

  1. Use cold water 
  2. Don’t soak Abaya for more than 10 minutes. 
  3. Wash only using mild detergent and use only a small amount of the same. 
  4. Only scrub the areas which are dirty or stained. 
  5. Do not rub on the areas where there is embroidery. 
  6. After washing, air-dry your Abaya rather than tossing it on the dryer as the latter will wear out the fabric quicker. 

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