Stylish Dubai Abaya Kaftans To Make Your Wardrobe Alive

Kaftan a loose ankle-length attire consisting of long flowy sleeves. The meaning of the Caftan Dress has changed gradually over the years. It was originally a dress worn by Middle East men with a belt around the waist. Now in the 21st century, it has evolved into feminine apparel.

Although the Kaftan dresses are worn by females now, they still hold a high-status symbol in Arabic culture. From the old days, it has embroidery in rich, magnificent fabrics & Arabic Attire aims to respect the same. 

Why Opt For A Caftan Dress?

1. Customary Modish Look:

Undoubtedly, kaftans for women are the most traditional version of stylish clothing. They are the ideal pick for every notable event which holds a sweet spot in your heart.

2. Sake of Easement:

If you are searching for an elite-class comfortable dress, caftans for women are just the thing for you. They are made of touchy fabric, making you feel at home and fashionable.

3. Free Size for All:

Caftan comes in versatile sizes, so don’t worry about those extra kilos you put on while chilling in quarantine. It transcends the limitations of all body types and looks astonishing in every shape.

4. Maternity dress:

These dresses are ventilated and flexible, making them the best outfit for every pregnant woman. Their feather-weight nature is just a cherry on the cake for all Muslim ladies who want to feel solace.

Top 5 Kaftan Dresses To Look Trendy

1. The Tycoon look:

One of the many reasons kaftans are so popular among women is that they come in various numbers. They lay out many choices for all the women who love to experiment with their looks. Establish your dominance by keeping your kaftan look minimal and classic.

Check out our Dubai Style Kaftan Long Abaya Maxi Dresses For Muslim Women, a right-on product for every independent woman. It’s available in 6 royal colours suitable for your every mood. You can also pick up our Leaf Metal Beaded Evening Purse and an Arabic Women Allah Charm Pendant Necklace to call out the exquisite imperial look.

2. The Evening Beauty:

These gowns are breezy and very light in weight which sucks out all of your day's stress the moment you put them on. Kaftans can give you a heaven-like feeling leading to a nonchalant frame of mind. Look intimidating and attractive in any evening event to steal all the lights.

Arabic Attire presents you this Woman Georgette Arabic Evening Gowns suitable for your every evening event. Whether it’s a planned kitty party or ladies' day out doesn't matter. You can pull off this beauty on every occasion. It’s essential to pair them with a decent accessory that compliments the outfit. Select a suitable item from our latest line of add-ons and become a show stopper.

3. Maternity Pageant:

It is a well-established fact that Caftans are one the best alternatives for maternity suits. It’s hard to choose appropriate apparel when a woman is carrying a baby. Before stepping out of the house, many things must be kept in mind. This is where the kaftans jump in & give you access to everything a pregnant lady needs.

Wear this Short Sleeve Farasha Kaftan With Stone Work In neckline to Look flawless & glamorous with a baby bump. This yellow kaftan will enhance your charm and make you look like a real diva. Choose Moon Glowing Necklace Gem Charm Luminous Stone Pendant to abstract the natural hidden glow inside your gorgeous body.

4. Party Queen:

Be the fashionista with our funky style of kaftan for women and light up every party like a queen. Want to be the talk of the show? Check out our fantastic collection of party wear kaftans. Our line has the most trendy designs ideal for every DJ Night that you can’t find anywhere else.

Arabic Attire is the hub where you can find all types of Kaftans for women. Look at this Party Wear Full sleeve Kaftan to rock them the way you like it. Match them with royal-looking jewelry & a fun hairstyle to dance away the night!

5. Vacation Goer:

The first things that come to mind when we look at kaftan are floaty, ventilated, friendly dresses, perfect to capture your special moments. And maybe we have a discount for your particular kaftan that you have wanted for a long time. Make a wish!!

If you want to hunt for some good kaftans for your honeymoon vacation, look at this Islamic Crepe Farasha Caftan. Get a pair of sunglasses and floaters to enjoy quality time with your special one on this very special vacation of your life.


Why Go For Arabicatire?

Arabicattire is the perfect online destination to buy ethnic yet stylish caftans available in premium quality at very affordable prices. Not just that, it also imbibes kaftan's cultural elegance and faith. We have the most authentic and fashionable line of kaftan dresses for every Arab woman. Our designers know the art of blending modern and cultural clothing lines together. Their creativity highlights the vibrant Arabic classy look in your wardrobe.