Style Your Islamic Veils To Complement Your Arabic Outfit

When buying a dress, women & girls go crazy about finding everything that complements their attire. You find them exploring matching jewelry, beauty products, slings, and much more from head to toe. 

When Islamic women shop an Arabic outfit for them, they have one more thing on their priority list. 

Think about the image of Islamic women, and you will instantly understand what I am talking about? 

Yes, it’s the Islamic veil that you can recognize at first sight, when you look at any Islamic women. You may find her wearing a hijab, Khimar, Niqab, or even a variety of headbands. Be it one or the other type of veils, but they will have their head covered with something. 

Myths say that Veils are a kind of obligation in Islam, but believe me, it’s not. Islamic Veils stands for modesty, and as per the Quran, it’s meant to protect women from the gaze of men around. It is the means of fulfilling the commandment of God to protect women’s modesty. 

Veils are not meant to hide your beauty. On the contrary side, Islamic women look flawless with the hijabs on. 

Everyone knows the traditional way of wearing the Hijab, but it’s not compulsory to be worn in the same way. You can style your Hijab in distinct ways with which it can complement your Arabic outfit. 

Here, we will mention 7 most easy styles in which you can put on your Hijab:

  • Tie your Hijab with accessories on:
Tie your Hijab with accessories on

Ladies have a distinct for ornaments, and keeping their wish intact, we came up with necklace pattern scarves for women. Girls can tie the other part of it as the Hijab and can walk with the matching accessories of their style. Let us tell you that you can reincarnate your old Hijab by putting on some of your accessories on it after tying it like a regular Hijab. This style of accessories goes perfectly even with the Kaftans and other fancy Arabic outfits. 

  • Hijab revealing your lower ear lobe:

You recently bought those long fancy earrings, and you definitely don’t want to hide them within your Hijab, then wear it in the fancy style. Tie your Hijab slightly from the behind of your lower earlobe. You can also try wearing a turban style Hijab in which one end of your scarf will be there on your shoulder, and others will be tied along the hairline and sides of your neck. 

  • Set your Hijab for evening dress: 
Set your Hijab for evening dress

If you are planning to wear fustan or other patterns of evening gowns, you need to we very picky about your choice of color and styling pattern of Hijab. Try turban-style Hijab tying or go for cover your head with hijab caps first. When inner caps keep your hear righteously, you can put the Hijab in your chosen style. 

  • Tying Hijab with glasses:

When you have the glasses on, sometimes either the Hijab goes to tight that the side frame hurts you or it goes lose that you have to keep fixing the glasses again and again. All the women and girls who have specs, we would recommend you to wear the hijab caps inside. Hijab caps give a good fitting to hold your spectacles and gives you the freedom to style your Hijab differently as per your choice. 

  • Arabic Hijab style:
Arabic Hijab style

If you adore that huge look of Hijab with your outfit, go for the Arabic style. Make high updo of your hair and take big scarves to pile up in the Arabic style. It looks voluminous and huge. Women with round and big faces can definitely try this pattern. 

  • Floating style hijab: The current trend of minimalism is appealing even in apparel. If you don’t want to pin and prefer to keep it loose, still intact, you will adore this style to wear your Hijab. Keep one end of your Hijab in front, give one lose around to it around your neck, and bring the other end to the front. 
  • Winter Hijab Style: Winters are approaching, and we are sure that you are planning to get Woolen scarves for you. You can prefer to wear them loose around your neck or tie a knot at the loose corner to make it look fancy. Make sure it’s warm enough for you in the harsh winters. 

In addition to these styles, you can follow the Hijabi fashion bloggers like Heba Jalloul, Saufeeya Goodson, Dalal AlDoud, Mariah Idrissi, Imane Alasary, and several others to stay updated with trending styles.

At Arabic Attire, we have plentiful designs of hijabs, inner caps, Khimar, and Niqab for you. You can explore our latest collection and add some fancies in your wardrobe.