Modern Arabic Dresses For Women & Girls

Arabic culture is highly known for its religious values and practices. Likewise, our traditional attire reflects the same and makes you look distinctive and appealing in its own way. Exploring its significance and necessity is entirely a distinct subject. 

In contrast to men, Arabic women have a considerable diversification in dresses to explore and experiment. At this moment, we love to talk more about the Arabic dresses and the variety of styling that Arabic women try day in and day out. 

Our previous blogs shaded the light upon the modest Abayas, Kaftans, and its varying designs. We also suggested you best designer, Fustans, as Arabic girls dress. Now, it’s definitely the right time to introduce you to the contemporary style of Arabic dresses that can gentrify your collection of dresses.

  • Maxi dresses

Maxi dresses

No dress can battle and win with the maxi dresses when it comes to the attire's comfort. Yes, that’s the key reason girls and women are so in love with the maxi dresses. When styled in soft material with flawless designs, the long maxi dresses look appealing to go outside and even as the regular wears at home. They can be loose or fitted to the body as per one’s preference. You can look for some versions of maxi dresses with pockets to keep your essentials handy with you. 

  • Cardigans & Coats

Cardigans & Coats

Cardigans & coats give young Arabic girls the liberty to blend their western dresses with traditional styles. You can wear these cardigans and long coats on your jeans and walk trendy. If you are still thinking that buying a cardigan can be the right choice for you or not, we suggest you explore our fashionable collection of designer cardigans. We know that you will definitely opt to buy one. 

  • Skirts & Pants

Skirts & Pants

Some of you may adore skirts over loose pants, and others may have a contrary opposite choice. And, that’s totally fine as we have the best collections of both of them. Long skirts and fitted ones are perfect for long skinny girls, and loose pants will look flawless on bulky girls. Think about the lovely fabric of your choice, and we have its adorable versions ready for you. 

  • Jumpsuits


Even when Jumpsuits were explicitly designed for skydivers, paragliders, pilot, professional drivers to ease their adventure experience, they are now an adorable outfit of most women out there. The convenience of wearing this dress and carefree design makes it the choice of all girls. 

  • Swimwear: Burkini

Swimwear Burkini


For all our swimming enthusiasts among Arabic girls & women, Burkini is a blessing to keep your hobby alive. Though Burkini was in highlights after its invention in 2004 and happened to be banned in some countries, women were happy for its arrival. 

The fabric of the Burkini is chosen to keep you light enough while swimming. Thus, enhance your joy of water sporting and keeps you guarded against the chemical reactions as well. 

At ArabicAttire, we have a stunning collection of Arabic dresses for women, men, and kids. Shop the gorgeous Arabic dresses online and modernize your wardrobe. If you are looking for customizations, you can connect with us on messenger; we are just a click away.