Elegant Abayas (And Stylish You): Buy Arabic Abayas Online

The Middle East is a treasure trove of beautiful and extravagant styles for men and women. Fashion is a glamorous amalgamation of local traditions and modern elements. If you want to purchase elegant abayas online, you need to understand the basics of Arabic attire and how it can be versatile and traditional.

Arabic Clothing and Who Wear What

Age is one of the factors that can make a huge difference in Middle-Eastern clothing. Younger people wear clothes that have more western influences; they keep traditional outfits for special occasions like weddings or festivals. The older generations feel comfortable wearing their traditional garments.

When it comes to location, you can see the difference in attire according to the urban and rural divide. People who reside in cities are more attentive to the latest trends and want to wear stylish clothes, while people who reside in rural places want to wear clothes that are more comfortable.

The third determining factor has to be social class. Designer clothing with elements of western fashion is more popular among the upper and middle class; traditional and conservative clothing is worn by the working class. While men and women in Gulf countries wear similar clothing styles, the difference is seen in the quality and design of their abayas. This is what reveals the social status of the wearer.

Popular shopping websites that offer Dubai abaya online worldwide shipping attracts many shoppers, including from countries like the UK, USA, and Canada; especially, if these customers are looking to visit Dubai (or any other Gulf country) on a holiday. Even though middle-eastern countries like Dubai are lenient with their dress code, it is encouraged that women keep their skin covered. You have to keep your attire balanced, that is conservative yet progressive.

4 Popular Options

Here are some of the popular options that you can purchase from an Arabic clothing online store:

Abaya: The abaya is an elegant cloak that is worn by women in the UAE; it’s also the national dress. It’s usually black and covers the entire body except for the face, feet, and hands. Some women want to use a niqab and Gafaaz to cover their hands and face too.

Ghutrah: This is a headscarf that is worn by men, and it’s made from square cotton, which is available in a checkered pattern. The scarf is draped over the head in various styles. The headdress offers protection from the sun and the dust.

Burqa: The Burqa is an outer garment that is worn by women to prevent exposing their skin to the public. The Burqa can be removed when the woman is at home and among her family members.

Gishwa: This is another traditional Arabic attire that is worn by Muslim women. The Gishwa is a thin veil that covers the face and is used to preserve a woman’s modesty. The veil is fine and the wearer can see through it.


Tips to Buy the “Right” Abaya

If you are looking for elegant abayas online, go through the tips mentioned below. They will help you purchase the best attire that suits your needs and comfort:

1. Find the perfect length
Abayas are measured by length, and there are no standard size options like Small, medium, Large, or Extra Large. So, you need to see how it will drape over your body, and that it's not too high or too low. The best length is when the abaya sits around the ankles or even a little below the ankles.

2. Get a fit that flatters you
To a flattering fit, you need to choose an abaya that flows, instead of one that clings to you. Go for a regular fit option when shopping for elegant abayas online, instead of the slim fit. The regular fit can be tied at the waist and it will keep the outfit modest, yet stylish.

3. Don’t overlook the material​
The material you choose plays a huge factor in deciding on the perfect abaya, especially if you want to go for a flattering fit. You need to choose breathable materials that keep comfort at the forefront. These details will make Arabic attire very practical and stylish to wear.

4. What do you need: daily wear or formal wear?
The abaya you choose can also depend on the occasion. If you want to go for daily wear then go for lighter options that can be layered. But if you want to get an abaya that is for formal occasions, then opt for one with an elegant design that is a beautiful fusion of contemporary and traditional style.

List of Elegant Abayas at Arabicattire: What We Offer

Muslim women always look incredible in their humble traditional attires that are designed according to the requirements of Sharia. Modern Islamic clothing is made from durable but comfortable fabrics and can be decorated with various patterns. 

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