Designing Salwar Kameez for Wedding

When designing a wedding outfit, choosing the right color combination is essential. In this article, we'll show you how to choose the best colors for your wedding ensemble.

The traditional Indian dress known as the salwar kameez has been worn by women since ancient times. It consists of a loose top called a salwar (or sari) that covers the body and a matching bottom called a kameez.

Choose the Right Colors for Your Outfit.

The colors used in a wedding ensemble should complement each other. If you're wearing a red outfit with a white background, then you need to wear something similar in tone. You can use complementary colors such as orange and green to make an outfit pop.

Match Color with Fabric Type.

There are two main types of fabrics used in salwar kameez - cotton and silk. Cotton is usually light colored while silk is dark. Both fabrics come in different shades and patterns. Silk is more expensive than cotton so it's not suitable for every occasion. However, it looks good when paired with bright colors.

Add Contrast to Create Visual Interest.

To make your outfit stand out, add contrast between the fabric and the color of your accessories. A simple way to do this is by pairing a darker shade of the same color as your accessories with a lighter shade of the same color. This will give your outfit an interesting visual appeal.

Pick the Perfect Combination.

You should also consider the season when selecting your wedding dress. If you're planning a summer wedding, then you might want to wear light pastels such as pink, blue, yellow, green, and white. However, if you're getting married during winter, then you might want something more dramatic, such as red, purple, orange, and black.

Wear it Once!

It's important to keep in mind that you only need one good outfit for your wedding day. So, make sure that you pick out an outfit that will last throughout the entire event. This means that you shouldn't go with a bright colored top because you won't be able to wear it again after the ceremony. Instead, opt for a solid color that will work well with other outfits you plan to wear.