Decorating with Islamic Decorations for Ramadan

There are a few Islamic decorations for Ramadan that are pretty easy to incorporate into your festival preparations. You may not be able to get a hold of a million dollar handmade scarf, but you can at least pick up some great inexpensive ones, that won't lose their meaning over time, and will look good in your home and decorate the holiday with.

A country style table is always an excellent choice for a Ramadan celebration. It's easy to decorate and you can even use it for other Islamic celebrations such as weddings, Family event or Parties. The table can be set with simple Table Cloth or Table Runner and tied with red, white, and green ribbons. You can have the ribbons arranged in a quilt, the colors arranged on a tray, or just leave them spread all over the table.

Traditional objects that can make good Muslim ornaments are the traditional printed Pillow case and all the various non-Islamic shapes that people buy during Ramadan. You can also use these while decorating other non-religious items, such as decorations for plants, leaves, bibs, bowls, mats, and napkins. To tie in your Ramadan celebration you can decorate those items as well.

Muslim Home Office Decoration Pillow Case Allah

It's possible to use objects that are considered items of worship, such as Canvas paintings, Lighting or Wall Hangings. A big framed painting with intricate flowers or Moroccan door design can add an interesting aspect to your Ramadan decorations, or you can even frame a larger photograph to add a special touch. One of the greatest Islamic decorations for Ramadan is to decorate with Islamic religious symbols.

 Moroccan Style Home Decor Painting

You can use a special one-of-a-kind candle to give as a token to your guest. If you don't have candles, try using votive urns or bamboo lanterns. You can also have a Quran placed in a place of honor, or a prayer rug to keep nearby.

The best way to show your guest on your special person is by placing them on the table in a special position. These are called the Suhoor or the Table of Dignity. The most popular school positions include:

You can also provide them with a special location to relax, such as in front of a tall painting or from behind an inviting photograph. You may want to get a picture of yourself with the individual you are planning to send a school to. This will be a wonderful reminder of your Ramadan celebration for years to come.

A great theme for a Ramadan party is to use Islamic decorations that serve as a theme for Ramadan. It is a great tradition to celebrate in away that we will always remember and see as long as we live. So it's important to get ready for Ramadan and to come up with some amazing ideas on how to decorate them with the most authentic and Islamic decorating that you can imagine.