Arabicattire' 20 Top Clothing, Accessory Categories in 2020

Similar to Islamic culture, Arabicattire is also quite extensive. Arabicattire is a well-reckoned Islamic clothing store that offers quality attire for kids, men, and women of every age group. Here we are highlighting Arabicattire’s some of the most valued products and categories of the year 2020. 

1. Moroccan Kaftan 

This traditional Moroccan outfit is one of the most valued products of the year 2020 and is still selling strong. The dress is in a long tunic form with long sleeves. Typically, a belt runs along the waist that accentuates the sell-out and ties the entire look together. These kaftans include heavy works and are generally used for special occasions.

2. Hooded Abaya 

The hood adds a glam quotient to the otherwise modest Abaya while maintaining the integrity of the attire. The hood can be added to casual Abaya as well as on the ones that have some work on them. Hooded Abayas offer a stylish way to protect from rain or winter.

3. Maxi Dresses

These are stylish, comfortable, and can be worn on any occasion. The site offers a great collection of maxi dresses in different materials and designing patterns. From plain, printed dress to maxi dresses with heavy works; it comes in various styles. The comfort and elegance that maxi dresses offer are what make them extremely popular in the market. 

4. Jilbabs


It is modest and beautiful Islamic attire that is high up on the trends. These are basically worn while praying. It is a long-sleeved, full-length over the garment. Jilbabs do not feature any work as is entirely planned. You can find them in different colors and they are extremely comfortable to wear.

5. Thobes


A thobe or thawb is also known as Qamis. It is a loose, long-sleeved garment, which touches the ankle. These are worn by Muslim Arab men and are like a kaftan for men. You will find it in different colors and materials, and for the most part, those are religious.

6. Kufi

Kufi is a short, rounded, and brimless cap that is popularly worn by Arab men. This cap is a symbol of mourning, peace, protection, or renewal. At Arabicattire, you will find different kinds of kufi hats, including cotton embroidered, classic turban scarf, and knitted Islamic cap.

7. Kaftan for Girls 

This is one of the most valued categories and for all the cute reasons. Arabicattire extended an extensive and stylish collection of kaftans for little girls. With exquisite prints and works, girls will look beautiful princesses. These beautifully crafted kaftans can be worn on special occasions.

8. Kurta Payjama


Kurta payjama is a popular attire in this Islamic clothing store. You will come across kurta payjamas made from different materials such as cotton silk, art silk, jacquard, nano silk, etc. There is a perfect kurta pyjama for boys to suit every occasion, including weddings, birthdays, family functions, festivals, etc.

9. Hijab

Hijabs are an important part of Islamic culture as it reflects modesty and privacy from men. Over the years, we have witnessed many new hijab designs, and you can find a majority of them at Arabicattire. Whether it is a plain hijab, pearled piece, flower design, or layered hijab, there is no dearth of stylish hijab options.

10. Hijab pins


Since hijab is wrapped around the head in a specific manner, they need pins to keep them secured in place. Hijab pins are designed to provide the necessary support to the wrap around and ensure that the material stays put over your head throughout the day.

11. Heels


Heels are among the most valued products in the year 2020. To be fair, these are popular all year round. Whether you are wearing a kaftan or maxi dress, you need the right kind of shoes to complete the look. Here you will find a modest collection of shoes that will go perfectly with Islamic attire.

12. Clutches


Since most of the Islamic clothing is long-sleeved and loose-fitted, carrying a big handbag gives a bulky appearance. However, a little clutch adds to the overall appeal of the entire modest outfit. At Arabicattire, you will come across a good collection of elegant clutches to complement your Islamic outfits.

13. Rings


These are some of the best accessories that you can pair with Islamic clothing. At Arabicattire, you will come across exquisite rings that will go perfectly with your kaftans and maxi dresses. From big stones to make a bold statement to little ones for elegance, there are multiple options to explore. 

14. Bracelet


This section has some great products for both men and women. The bracelets mainly focus on religious significance. Irrespective of what Islamic attire you choose, these bracelets would complete it perfectly. There is an exquisite collection of bohemian handmade leather bracelets, which is in demand a lot.

15. Beads


Arabicattire makes some of the most beautiful prayer beads that you will ever come across. Their options include rosary 33 prayer beads, white Tasbig prayer beads, rosary tasbih beads (33, 66, and 99), Islamic prayer beads (33) for both men and women, etc.

16. Prayer Accessories 

Arabicattire does not merely focus on providing good clothes, but also plenty of other accessories that fit the Islamic culture. The site offers accessories to make the prayer complete and better, including LED Night Light Koran Reciter, portable Quran Speaker, Muslim Prayer Rug mats, etc.

17. Islamic Decals


Adding Islamic Decals can accentuate the overall appeal of your house. Here you will find decals with various Islamic quotes to add to your home decor.

18. Eyeliner

In the makeup category, this is the most popular product. The collection includes a great range of black and colorful eye pencils.

19. Shadows

These are a new addition to the makeup category and already became quite popular. There is an amazing palette with a great color scheme at affordable ranges.

20. Lighting Decoration


You will come across a beautiful Islamic lighting decoration that will light up your space and make it even more beautiful and culturally rich. 

There you have it... These were some of the products and categories that won customers’ hearts at Arabicattire in 2020. Check them out and shop now!