10 Muslim Beauty and Fashion Bloggers You Must Follow

Social media has redefined the term ‘beauty.’ There are so many outstanding beauty and style bloggers in the pool that it becomes difficult to find the right one. However, Platforms like YouTube and Instagram have made it easier to find bloggers bringing the make-up industry on the front line. Some artists deliver super cool looks from casual to party style through their presentations. Huda beauty or Nura Afia, or Dalalid, there are several other Muslim beauty bloggers and vloggers who are breaking stereotypes with their motto of women empowerment. 

Are you interested in smokey eye shadows or trying that perfect curve of eyeliner? Have you found your favorite lip gloss? Do you know the correct usage of primer, foundation, and concealer? What kind of make-up goes with a particular dressing color and style? What are the best or trending make-up product brands? Well, you will have all the answers if you follow some of the best bloggers in recent times. Who are they? Read ahead to know more about them:

  1. Huda Kattan (hudabeauty)

Huda beauty is far ahead of any personal bloggers now. With almost 48 million followers, it has its own beauty products. The page is about new make-up hacks and stunning looks from other make-up bloggers or Huda product users. Her beauty line is also getting popular across the globe day by day, as she has been a master of make-up art for all your make-up lesson requirements. 

  1. Nura afia (nuralailalov)

.Nura is one of a kind Make-up artist, Youtuber, podcaster, and mother. Her beauty lessons are simple to follow and apply. The number of her fans rose after her name appeared in top newspapers like the New York Times and The Guardian. Her make-up tutorials are so captivating that Cover Girl signed her as an ambassador. She is the first woman in the campaign who appeared wearing a hijab. As Nura made history, she has inspired many, especially other Islam girls and women. In an interview, she said that Muslim women need to know that they can be featured with hijabs; they can be on TV or billboards. Millions of Muslim women learned that hijab is a part of Muslim women’s beauty and style, and hijabis can be represented.

  1. Dalal AlDoub (Dalalid)

Dalalid is an epitome of beauty and fashion in the hijab. The best dressing, best make-up, and the best presentation. With 2.7 million followers on Instagram, she encourages women to be their own stylists and make-up artists. Her goal is to provide confidence, and she believes in women's empowerment. She has a unique style of clothing with matching hijabs which puts her among one of the finest Muslim fashion bloggers. Her page has grabbed the attention of many make-up and perfume brands as well, which she promotes through her page. 

  1. Habiba Da Silva (lifelongpercussion)

This vlogger in her mid-twenties is drawing a lot of attention from women around the world. Now she is a founder of HabibaDaSilva hijabs and which she says to have created for men and women of diverse skin tones. In an interview with BuzzFeed, she spoke about her Hijab Line saying that She wanted to showcase different people and create something for everyone. She said she wanted to break the barrier, too, where many companies use only lighter skin models. Nevertheless, her hijab line is already widespread around the globe as she also gives lessons on various tips and styles to wear hijab. She is some of the best Modest Muslim fashion blogger.

  1. Nabela Noor (Nabela)

If someone has redefined the meaning of beauty, that’s Nabela. With 1.6 million followers on Instagram, she started her page fresh, just like others for make-up tutorials. But, she was targeted by people for not being those stereotyped slim models. She had to raise her voice and hence came to popularity when her video titled “YES I’M FAT” went viral. Since that incident, she has been vocal about body shaming and got a chance to speak at the UN. She has now shut the negativity and happily plays her role as a beauty tutor and a style guide. Because of her efforts, make-up is self-love, and plus-size women have all the rights to be a model.

  1. Aisha Liyana (aishaliyana)

This Malaysia based Muslim beauty blogger is a full-time make-up enthusiast. She has been in the make-up game for a while now, and beauty lovers are flocking towards her page. Her make-up look is so natural that it almost looks like there is no make-up at all. Also, her usage of floral shades like peach, pink, red, violet, and magenta has enticed a massive amount of young followers that gives a fresh look regardless of time and place. Her make-up tutorials on YouTube are easy to follow lessons as she shows how to radiate with minimal make-up products.

  1. Shahd Batal (shahdbatal)

Shahd Batal is someone who can give profound beauty and style goals to millennials. Her edgy dressing sense with hijab is quite admirable, and thus, thousands have followed this fresh face of fashion. She has a unique dressing style, which makes her a trendsetter in every aspect of vogue. Her make-up game is strong with a highlighter, and she never misses to make her cheekbones radiate. She likes to discuss self-love, beauty, and fashion through her posts on Instagram.

  1. Sabina Hannan (sabinahannan)

Do you want that perfect arched eyeliner? Or perfect eyeshadow? Sabina can show you how you can have the best eye make-up effortlessly. Also, her contouring game is strong, so if you are looking for contour lessons, go and follow her guidelines. Along with being a Muslim hijabi blogger, she showcases her exquisite dressing sense. Smoky eyes or blushing cheeks, western outfits, or traditional outfits, she can help you learn a make-up skill combination that goes perfect with your chosen attire.

  1. Amena (amenakhan)

A mother and a stunner, who has been featured in L’Oreal’s True Match campaign, is rocking the world of women empowerment. She runs a Hijab company and cosmetic line with a splendid portfolio known on social media. Among all these, she still finds time for make-up tutorials and dressing suggestions. She believes that clothing is all about a woman’s freedom of choice and her page is about tolerance, understanding, and uplifting women by all means.

  1. Sahar Shaykzada (saharrr_mua)

Sahar is a Dubai based professional make-up artist. Her page represents a lot of eye make-up tutorials, which is really impressive. Girls are already going gaga over her beautiful make-up art. If you are a fan of vibrant macro eye make-up, you must follow her glittering page. Take a dip into the brightest colors of your eye shadow palette and create magic inspired by Sahar. Love the rainbow eyeshades? Go check her out now!

Modest fashion is not something that comes and goes; it is a lifestyle. Wearing layers, jewelry that makes a style statement, make-up that makes you stand out of the crowd, and a perfect headwrap (hijab); some kinds of fashion never go out of style. If you want to follow the evergreen make-up skills and apparel styles, follow the Muslim bloggers on Instagram given above and rock your beautiful world.