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Buy long Arabic dress to balance between style and modesty

Today’s Islamic clothing style significantly differs from the outfits of the past. Arabic maxi dresses with colorful patterns have gradually replaced traditional black robes. Nevertheless, most of them still cover the essential body parts, preserving female modesty. Floral designs and monochrome solutions are equally good choices for a Muslim woman who is looking for a compromise between strict cultural norms and modern fashion trends. Our store offers a wide range of maxi abayas that are both stylish and humble, and yet emphasize the best traits of an Arab woman. We provide awesome solutions to Muslim men as well, so don’t hesitate to get acquainted with our items. Select the garments to your taste to make your whole family happy.

Choose from a variety of abaya maxi dresses

Arabicattire is the right place for you if you are looking for comfortable and trendy wearing. Although we offer fantastic options to both genders, women visit our website much more often, which is only natural. We have a vast number of long Arabic dresses that will fit any body shape. Our tailored clothes are loose, and yet they allow for a set of experiments. For instance, some items look best with a belt, while others are slender-waisted and require sassy accessories. Many abayas have ethnic patterns that express your national identity. Some dresses also possess a mixture of different styles, combining the elegant black with spotted parts. Additionally, you can find plaited dresses at our online store. We also offer a variety of short-sleeved and medium-sleeved options for women who are not afraid to experiment.

Match your mood with an abaya long dress

Sticking to rigorous Arab fashion standards, we provide a plethora of excellent options to meet your every need. Comply with any dress code to feel at ease wherever you go. Show your modesty and elegance while attending an exhibition, a concert, your friend’s birthday party, or performing your day-to-day activities. Prudent and appealing at the same time, our garments will fit on different occasions. Don’t hesitate to select beautiful Arab clothes to suit your mood for the day. By the way, women can seamlessly transform a strict abaya into a more relaxed evening option by simply adding a necklace or a bracelet and getting their hair done, if they choose to uncover their head.

Arabicattire provides maxi abayas for sale, so you can save lots of money by ordering the items on our website. Just look at the benefits you will get by making purchases at our store:

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